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Frequently Asked Questions

Dental Pros

Temporary Placements

Question: How much experience do I need to work for Dental Power?

Answer: While it ultimately depends on the requirements of the dental practice requesting the position, at least one year of experience is generally preferred.

Question: If I join as a Dental Power professional, do I need to be available for most or all of the positions you need me for?

Answer: No, you can choose which positions you would like to accept and which you would prefer to pass on, for any reason.

Question: How close to home will I be able to work?

Answer: You choose the travel parameters you are most comfortable with, and every effort will be made to place you in positions that best fit your request.

Question: How will you let me know when you need me for a position?

Answer: Just specify how you would prefer to be contacted, whether by phone, pager, email and/or voice mail. Please provide us with all the appropriate contact information you'd like us to have by completing the DP profile form when you join.

Question: Who will pay me?

Answer: Typically, the practice will pay you directly at the end of the assignment, based on your established rate with Dental Power. In some locations, however, Dental Power will pay you as an employee. Please discuss this with your DP location.

Question: What happens if a dentist asks me to stay on as a permanent employee?

Answer: Dental Power will help you negotiate a salary and benefits package with the interested dental practice, and arrange for the appropriate permanent placement fee to be paid by the practice.

Permanent Placements

Question: Do I need to tell you which jobs interest me from the Job Center to be considered for a permanent position?

Answer: Not at all. In addition to any specific permanent jobs for which you wish to be considered, your regional DP placement coordinator will also match your DP profile with specific permanent job openings in your specified geographic area.

Question: Can Dental Power assist me in putting together a resume and with the overall job interviewing process?

Answer: Yes, we can help you put together a professional resume and coach you during the interview process. Just ask your regional DP Staffing Consultant for assistance.

Question: Does Dental Power help me negotiate salary and benefits?

Answer: Yes, your regional DP Staffing Consultant will be the point person for negotiating the terms of a position. He or she will also negotiate on your behalf with all interested employers to get the best possible compensation package you deserve.

Dental Practices

Temporary Placements

Question: How much notice does Dental Power need in helping me find me a temporary professional to meet my staffing needs?

Answer: DP Staffing Consutlants are available 24-by-7, via phone or email, for any emergency staffing needs you may require. However, if you have a planned absence in your office, it is best to provide us with as much notice as possible, so we can find you the best qualified dental professional to meet your needs.

Question: Who pays for the temporary dental pro that gets placed in my office?

Answer: Typically, the dental professional we find to meet your temporary staffing needs is treated as a referral to your practice, and thus is paid by you at the end of their assignment, based on their established rate with Dental Power. Dental Power then bills you for our daily referral fee. In some areas, however, Dental Power treats its dental pros as employees and pays them directly, then bills you for the agreed upon rate for that pro. Please discuss this with your DP location.

Question: What if I want to hire the temporary dental pro to become a permanent employee on my staff?

Answer: We will work with you and the dental pro to put together mutually agreeable terms of employment. When these terms have been completed, DP will charge a permanent placement fee for the service. Please discuss these fees with your DP location.

Permanent Placements

Question: Does Dental Power guarantee its permanent placements?

Answer: Yes, we do guarantee the success of all permanently placed dental professionals. Each DP location has defined his or her own "guarantee policy" for these placements - please ask them to give you the details.

Question: Am I required to pay anything if I decide not to hire a Dental Power professional?

Answer: Absolutely not. We will only charge you a permanent placement fee if and when you decide to hire a DP pro to join your staff.

Question: I want to be competitive. Can you advise me of current salaries and benefit packages?

Answer: Yes. DP Staffing Consultants are experts on appropriate compensation packages for their region. They will work with you to devise a salary range and benefit package that is commensurate with the skills of the DP pro you wish to hire.


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