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Temporary Staff Placements
Dental Power has highly qualified and pre-screened dentists, hygienists, assistants, front office staff, and other dental pros ready for temporary assignments. Available 24-by-7 to respond to your immediate needs, we replace key employees quickly and without disruption to your schedule.

Permanent Staff Placements
Dental Power continually recruits and interviews dental professionals who are searching for a permanent positions -- we make sure that all dental job seekers are aware of our services and the great opportunities we represent! Because of this, it is very likely that we are already working with a dental professional that would be perfect for your practice.

After learning about the position you have available, the qualifications you desire, and the characteristics of your practice, we schedule interviews for you to meet only those candidates appropriate for the position. Once you decide on a professional you wish to hire, Dental Power can help you structure a suitable compensation program and assist you in transitioning your new employee into your practice.

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